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Key benefits of Tradesoft WL platform


Client Portal

Our client portal keeps track of the client’s KYC process. As a result, it lets your client experience a smooth and fast account opening process.


IB Module

Our easy-to-use Tradesoft white label solution allows introducing brokers (IBS)to start their forex broker venture within a split second.


MAM Software

We have an in-built MAM software integrated with our Tradesoft WL platform. With the aid of it, you can attract the best trader and money manager.


Funding Management

Enabling a payment provider is as easy as a button click. Use rule-based options to manage transactions (and bring a better experience to all the brokerage agencies.

What is White Label Tradesoft?

White Label Tradesoft allow all the brokers to launch their newly start-up brokerage business on an immediate basis. With a white label Solution, you can save the cost and time of the IT infrastructure setup required for the Forex broker business, in the same time, you can have all the benefits of the Tradesoft Trading platform with less investment and setup in 7- 10 working days. Our Solution comes up with complete package of all required tools and Plugins to operate your Broker business without any kind of unnecessary expenses.


Some of the benefits of using Tradesoft WL solutions are as follows

Customized Solutions

Our team of experts will customize the suitable white label Tradesoft solutions for your brokerage business.


Tradesoft WL solutions are compatible with all kinds of devices like web applications, desktop, and mobile.

Architecture and Scalability

Trading platform is designed based on a distributed architecture that removes scalability issues.

Easy Integration

Third-party software integrated with our trading platform makes this easy to use for all brokerage firms.

Tradesoft WL Branding

With the aid of Tradesoft WL solutions, FX IBS tracks the present situation of the FX industry. They can also perform seamless brokerage activities without any fuss.


Server Hosting

Our white label package comes with DDOS protected dedicated server for Tradesoft trading platform. It features, real, demo and backup trading server hosted at Equinix London.

Branded Platform

Have your own branded Tradesoft white label solution including your own logo, colors and design scheme to show off your brand identity on Tradesoft.

Different Securities

With the aid of our Tradesoft white label solution we offer 256-bit encrypted securities to our brokerage agencies. As a result, most of the sensitive transactions takes place securely.

Multiple Client Groups

The powerful Tradesoft MAM (Multi-Account Manager) allows the professional authorized brokers through a single terminal to manage multiple accounts at once.

Global Datacenters

Our broker does use multiple global datacenters with the aid of our user-friendly Tradesoft white label solution. It will automatically connect to the datacenter that's closest to it.

Best Price Feed

The Prices for Tradesoft white-label platform components come directly from MetaQuotes. As a result, brokerage agencies will get this trading solution at the best price package.

Unlimited Manager Access.

Our unlimited manager access enables us to gain flexible control over the existing white label set up. Tradesoft white label solution always change the markups on client groups.

Liquidity Bridge

Trade Soft multi-functional Tradesoft Liquidity Bridge solution combines advanced A/B book trade execution, smart liquidity aggregation, and risk management as a whole.

Multi-Level IB

Our transparent Multi-level IB platform allows you to set up different levels of IB rebates and profit-sharing-based payouts. It is a multi-trading platform with unlimited IB levels.

One Platform for all Devices-Tradesoft

Tradesoft Mobile Tradesoft Desktop Tradesoft Web
Android and IOS mobile App Easy Installation Browser based App
User Friendly Completely your branded No Download or installation
Most famous Trading app Available for MAC PC.
Automated Trading Enabled.
100+ Technical Indicators.
In –App Mailing Feature.
More enhanced Features