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Forex CRM


Web Trader


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Top-Notch Forex Web Solutions at Your Services:

We help you to develop the best Forex websites that help your business to grow at a rapid pace. Over the years, we have helped numerous and start-up FX brokerage agencies to expand their business without any fuss.


Be present where the people are

Get connected online with potential FX traders from all over the world, with a single click of your mouse.


Communicate services

We at Trade Soft let the traders know more about your brokerage services and your business value proposition.


Showcase Your Expertise

Impress your clients with a stunning Forex website that your broking firm offers at once.


Get connected with the Traders

We create an FX trading platform where traders can communicate with you directly.


Easy to Use FX Brokerage Website

Responsive Website Design:

The FX brokerage website is responsive for all sorts of devices like website applications, desktop, and mobile.

Customized Design:

The FX brokerage website is customized and designed according to the requirement of start-up brokerage firms and agencies across the globe.

Time to Create a perfect Forex website Design:

Plan Development

We at Trade Soft sit with our experts to create a feasible web development plan.

Content Creation

Create graphics, content, videos and functionalities that are required to create a successful Forex Website.

Design & Development

Simply get your website content designed and developed in a seamless website architecture.

Launch & Optimize

Just launch the website on your server and get it ranked on search engines within a split second.

Do you want a customized FX broking website?

Simply get a full-time developer on 8 hours per day basis

Get a part time developer on 4 hours per day basis

Get a quote for per-hour basis from developers on demands

Simply get quote

Latest Works

Our works speaks for itself and we helped out many brokerage agencies to get their business up and running. Check out some our success stories in FX IT development and digital marketing.