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Key features of Tradesoft WL?

We at Trade Soft offer a completely branded Tradesoft Platform which offer wide ranges of key features as follows:


Fully branded and customized


Low cost, transparent pricing


24x5 Technical Support

Features of Tradesoft White Label

mobile-phone User-Friendly Interface:

The Tradesoft WL solution is user-friendly and helping to make your trading experience as successful as possible.

mobile-phone Asset Classes:

The Tradesoft white label solution aids the brokers to offer multiple asset classes including, Forex and cryptos in a secure and ultra-low latency environment.

mobile-phone Extensive Chart Analysis:

Tradesoft offers more than 30 drawing objects to assist you and help you identify the potential scenario and current trend of the FX market.

mobile-phone Security:

Within the Tradesoft trading platform, data exchange between client terminal and platform server is encrypted. Thus, ensuring the security of your client’s data.

mobile-phone Manage it your way:

We help you to process requests for opening, closing and changing trade positions. It also provides an analysis of the client’s present situation in the FX industry.

mobile-phone Expert Advisors:

Tradesoft trading platform allows you to integrate your own EA’s chart directly within the navigator window. As a result, alleviate your daily trading routine.

Why choose Tradesoft WL solutions

Tradesoft WL solutions are a multi-asset trading platform. You can start your FX brokerage business without any worries. It helps you to track the present condition of the FX market.

Integrated Economic Calendar

The Tradesoft Trading platform keeps your traders engaged with the latest financial news and direct calls to action. Thus, provide all the latest updates from the FX industry.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Our experts will integrate a tailor-made Tradesoft white label arrangement for all your financial needs. It makes you understand the present scenario of the FX industry as a whole.

Available Everywhere

Tradesoft trading platform is available for desktop, websites, and mobile applications. Now you can keep track of the current situation of the FX industry on the go.

Enormous Variety

Tradesoft trading platform comes with indicators and signals so that the traders can assess the current situations.

Advantages of Using Our Tradesoft WL solutions?

Some of the benefits of using our Tradesoft WL solutions are listed below.


White Label Branding

Add your own, design and colors to show off your brand identity on Tradesoft WL solutions.


Tradesoft, X Core, and One Zero Integration

Tradesoft trading platform comes with popular trading servers and liquidity aggregators.

PAM/MAM/and Copy Trading

PAM, MAM, and Copy trading integrated with the Tradesoft trading platform. They are also available for the WL.

Transparent Pricing

Prices come straight from the liquidity aggregator without any interference from market makers.

Tradesoft Server License

In reality, Trade Soft takes care of server licensing issues. As a result, there is no need to get involved in all the legalities.


Tradesoft Trading platform provides fast and reliable STP execution with ultra-low latency for A-book trades.

Configuration and support of the server structure 24/7

We configure all systems and offer round-the-clock support for the entire server structure as a whole.

Building a network of access servers around the world

Access our global network coverage from the world’s largest financial ecosystem within all Equinix centers.

Maintenance of a reliable backup system

We provide maintenance of all trading servers while ensuring a reliable backup system is successfully implemented.

Server Hosting

We provide all kinds of trade server hosting services to major exchanges, liquidity providers, banks, and various other financial institutions at an affordable cost.

Tradesoft Trading Platforms

Millions of brokerage firms prefer the Tradesoft trading platform. Thus, it helps you to track the present condition of the FX market.


It integrates millions of analytical tools and charts with it. As a result, one can understand the scenario of the market.

One Platform for all Devices-Tradesoft

Tradesoft Mobile Tradesoft Desktop Tradesoft Web
Android and IOS mobile App Easy Installation Browser based App
User Friendly Completely your branded No Download or installation
Most famous Trading app Available for MAC PC. -
- Automated Trading Enabled. -
- 100+ Technical Indicators. -
- In –App Mailing Feature. -
- More enhanced Features -